What is this(li.st)?

Thisli.st gathers the collective good taste of its users to create informed lists of the best things.

How many times can I make picks?

Once per list.

Why can I only sign in using Twitter?

The Twitter-only sign-in is meant to make stuffing the ballot box inconvenient. A conventional user registration system would make it too easy for one person to create multiple accounts. The idea here is to draw on the discernment of the crowd, not one dominant personality's opinion. You'll also be able to sign in through Facebook in the near future.

Why doesn't this have more social features?

The ability to share lists and your picks is super-important, since sharing is the best way to encourage more people to contribute their picks. Sharing on Twitter and Facebook will be baked into the site soon.

Can I change my mind after I make my picks?

You get a chance to confirm your picks, but for now they're final once submitted. As the site grows, we'll see whether it makes sense to add this option.

What if I really disagree with an entry on a list?

For now, send an email to flag_at_thisli.st, especially if a pick on the list seems really inappropriate for the topic. Better flagging features are planned for future versions of the site.

To make your own picks, sign in and click a list: